About Me

  My Cuban roots define the sthetics and style of my painting. But each of my trips enriches my artistic vision through the confrontation with other cultures. Each place that inspires me gives rise to the creation of a nomadic workshop, because the different atmospheres feed my creativity and lead me each time a little further. I express my art in different forms (music, sculpture, etc.), but painting remains my most successful medium. My work is what I think I see but cannot express in words. My imaginary world is inspired by the universe of children or characters who are not interested in material goods. In this way, I hope to put more sincerity and sensitivity into it. Each painting tells a story, sometimes complex, sometimes as simple as an action, a desire. But all of them express the beauty of nature and the need to be in contact with the Earth. I am more interested in emotion than aesthetics. A painter must use colors suited to his message, to his goal. The color should not be used only for the beauty of the work, because beauty is relative. I use pastel tones to express the innocence of children, as well as their wisdom and sincerity. The strong colors I reserve them for the musical mixture, the liberation of the rhythms and the strong emotions. I create my paintings as an invitation to reflect. I was born on an island where freedom of expression is in parenthesis, I wish that my work does not censor freedom.
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